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September 6, 2007

What fresh hell is this?

That Dorothy Parker; she was screwed up and had a love life that would have been tracked by the National Hurricane Center but she sure was funny. If the only legacy you leave behind is that your words still make people laugh then I say you lived a full life.

The usual newscast production today with a fair assortment of various murders, protests and disgruntled senators. I could easily be living in ancient Rome when I look at the lineup except the barbarians have already entered the gates. Another PNM MP , this time Auntie Diane Seukeran, pulled out of contesting the upcoming election. That brings the total to ten. If anyone else pulls out thinking it will either protect them or help the cause the Family Planning Association will have to get involved.

Steve the cameraman told me today “I am sure i will not look as hot as you do when I get to your age”. Judging from his emphasis on the word “age” you would think my driver’s permit number was 00001.  Despite apparently standing on a piece of wet cardboard on a very mossy slope above the cemetery I still think life is good . Off now to bully my inner child…..