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September 12, 2007

This side of paradise

A busy day at work today. It was one of those days that started off looking “ok for news” and then stories started pouring in to the point I had to hatchet half the stories just before news time hoping that some of them have a bit of shelf life. There were also several major developments on the company side which i cannot disclose just yet. Let’s just say we are one of the least sophisticated stations right now but will be leapfrogging to first place soon in terms of technology. It is all rather exciting, for me at least, and I am very glad I chose well when I picked ieTV. It helps to have a leader with patience and vision. He may not be Steve Jobs but he also doesn’t have frequent meltdowns and only curses every now and then. I really wouldn’t want to work anywhere else and I mean that regardless of money offered.

I learnt a long time ago that loving what you do is much more important than making more money. It helps that I am only supporting myself. I often think about what would be running through my mind on my deathbed. I know I would not be happy thinking “ I made lots of money” but if I could think “I spent my life loving what I do and maybe making a small impact on what people think” I would die with a smile on my face. If I died now I would die with a smile on my face. Live your life with passion and you will go to your grave a happy person. Compromise and you are doomed to a life of regret.

I got my contracts from Random House today for my Southern Caribbean assignments including Fodor’s Caribbean and Fodor’s Ports of Call so having signed and faxed them back to new York  the process has started. Next is the usual arranging with tourist boards and PR agencies and then it is a lot of ungodly inter-Caribbean travel. As much as I hate airports and flight delays and connections and as much as I feel lonely when I travel there are worse jobs. The sheer beauty of the Southern Caribbean is almost indescribable and I actually live here. It amazes me that while I am almost sure 80% of Europe and North America would kill to live in the Caribbean; about 50% of Trinidad & Tobago ( and most likely many other islands) want to live in the Northern Hemisphere. I guess the grass really is always greener elsewhere. I think my favourite part of the Caribbean is the the combination of beautiful vistas and an amazing attitude towards life. As we say in Trinidad…Sunday could fall on Monday and nobody would care.

Further to follow as they say in the Toronto police.