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September 13, 2007

Strange days

Somehow I managed to squeeze 17 stories into today’s newscast and still had to drop 3…I guess that was a good day for news.  It was also a sad day for us at IE as our reporter Melissa William’s father died following an operation. I don’t handle grief well at all. I can handle death remarkably well but grieving leaves me flustered and at a loss for words. One of my staff told me I have to learn to empathise more which I suppose means I am cold and calculating. I am not really …but I accept the fact that in the midst of life we are in death. It is part of a cycle. I suppose being male doesn’t help. We are not hard-wired to break into tears over such things.

On a different note ( he said, adroitly changing topics) I was appalled to hear about the conditions at Scarborough General Hospital. If you are not familiar, SGH is the main hospital in Tobago, one half of the allegedly twin island republic. To be sure Tobago is much smaller than Trinidad in terms of population and sheer size but we are still dealing with citizens. I am dumbstruck that in a country  with a budget of 40 billion one of our hospitals has no oxygen, no sutures and patients put in the corridors. Is there something wrong with this picture or is it just me? We shall ignore for the moment the fact SGH is housed in a termite infested building built well over 100 years ago that is unsafe for  anyone to inhabit.  I realize I have a certain fondness for Tobago but even ignoring that..why is it that citizens of this country have to tolerate conditions that would be best suited to rural Uganda?

A country that is rolling in oil and gas wealth should take care of certain things…oh screw that…ANY government in ANY country  has a few basic things it has to focus on namely; water, electricity, health, safety and security. Those are basic. I am not political but if I look at the list we are only doing fairly well on one. Water in T&T is available regularly only to a selected few ( including myself thanks to pumps),health is a joke and  safety and security are highly questionable.

I will never run for office but I know one thing for damn sure I would ensure that half of the republic did not have to seek medical treatment in a cow shed with no supplies. Oh sure, I know there is a new hospital being constructed for Tobago…I believe for well over 7 years now…but thanks to thievery and ineptitude it still sits on a hill outside Scarborough as a monument to our stupidity and lack of concern about Tobago.

At the risk of not being funny…something has to be done by the Minister of Health and the Tobago House of Assembly. Lives are at risk. Take some responsibility