Where the man with the hammer gone?

Those who know me are more than aware I regard David Michael Rudder as a cultural god. Loved in his own country and known to the Caribbean diaspora, he is sadly under-appreciated in much of the world. Simple and unassuming, David has written lyrics that, to my mind, surpass many of the greatest works of Lord Kitchener and Sparrow. Coupled with an infectious beat and his own incredible voice David makes magic. I have been to many of his performances over the years, some at big shows and some in more intimate settings they are always great. Happily, I am also proud to say I have met him many times over the years and even interviewed him last year. Though he no longer lives most of the year in Trinidad he is here often ( as is the case with most Trinis) and loves this country with a passion. For my part, I think it is is impossible not to love a country that could have spawned a creative genius of David’s calibre. If you have never heard of him and he is performing near you I say run..don’t walk for tickets and take your friends along too.

Tomorrow I am once again interviewing one of our local rising legal stars; Anand Ramlogan. He is one of those guys who is at once smart, aggressive, full of passion, articulate, self-promoting and more than a little bit abrasive. In short, Anand is the best sort of lawyer. He has led several very high profile cases – won many and also lost a few. The losses are actually to his credit as he is not the sort to take on only easy-win cases and seems to like the challenge of fighting for seemingly hopeless cases. when I have interviewed him in the past it is his passion that comes through to me the most. He genuinely seems to think the East Indian community in Trinidad is being marginalized and he is also obsessed with righting wrongs done to downtrodden citizens. Like him or hate him it is impossible to ignore him. We need more people like Anand in our society. Too many of us are simply complacent and let government get away with all manner of stupid decisions . We let ourselves and others get victimized in any number of ways and we sit quietly. People like Anand are the ones who make wrongdoers , whether in high position or not, take pause and think about their actions. We, as a society, need people like him to shout out of our television screens “this is wrong and you are not getting away with it!”.

I can tell you one thing, if I ever commit some heinous crime like..ooh say..hacking a certain chirpy food maven into small pieces…there are only two lawyers I would want to defend me from a life that might involve unwanted passionate moments with someone called Hoss…one would be the brilliant and honest Gillian Lucky ( happily my cousin) and the other would be Anand Ramlogan. Actually, with a legal team consisting of both of them I might even be tempted to invest in a new set of knives.

That brings to mind an old joke: What do you call 50 lawyers at the bottom of the Gulf of Paria? A start ( with at least two exceptions).




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