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October 4, 2007

Reflections on elections

Planning election coverage is not an exercise to be undertaken by the faint hearted. With elections scheduled for November 5th here ieTV has switched into high gear planning logistics and organizing panels. Naturally, i am at the centre of this frenzy, but having several elections under my belt helps a lot with staying calm. It also seems that ieTV’s new look on air will premiere with our election coverage that will also be broadcast live on radio and in streaming video on the no pressure at all.

Our new virtual sets will debut during the broadcast which is a relief as it makes laying out the actual on-camera election engine room that much easier. We are currently working out the logistics for going live from 4 remote locations simultaneously but, knowing our crew, I am sure it will be done. Actually, Anthony Maharaj our CEO has mandated that we must have the best coverage and he will be on our panel alongside me – so heaven help the person who fails to “make it happen”. I think we will pull it off with aplomb complete with flying screens and shimmering faux furniture courtesy our graphics software.

Of course, it is also about substance which will be provided by our reporters feeding us info live from the various party headquarters and our panel. Normally the panel is the hardest part to assemble but we already seem to have that basically finalized including the presence of Prof. Ramesh Deosaran ( social psychologist) which should add an interesting dimension to our coverage. Now the only big question will be the outcome. There hasn’t been a national election with three strong parties in quite some time so the result is anyone’s guess..though the incumbent PNM seems best poised to win a majority.

I know one thing for sure ..whatever free time i had will virtually evaporate until after elections..and then it is on to my Fodor’s assignment. Thank goodness i enjoy the excitement.

Let the games begin!!