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October 8, 2007

Short fuse

I just noticed I have passed one full month of daily blogging…..who knew? Enough self-congratulations let’s muse on other things. The song cited above , or to the upper right if you want to get technical on me, is one of my favourites “What’s the Frequency Kenneth” by REM. I like it for its driving guitars, quirky lyrics, Stipe’s beautiful vocals and, above all, the weird story behind its inspiration. For those not privy to the facts and to save your Googling finger i shall relate the basics.

American news anchor Dan Rather was walking on a New York street in 1986 when William Tager  threw him to the pavement and started pounding him screaming “What’s the frequency Kenneth!”. It turns out the frenzied Mr. Tager believed the media were part of a nefarious plot ( and aren’t most plots nefarious?) to beam signals into his head and he was determined to find out what frequencies were being used so he could block them. Silly man, we do beam signals into your heads but via your eyeballs and eardrums. What he should have been worried about was the imminent arrival of Rachel Ray. If you ever hear about someone throwing the President of the Food Network to the ground while screaming “shut her off!!!!” you’ll know it’s me.

I have been thinking of late how some of our personality traits become magnified with age. I am mainly familiar with my own but I think I am safe in assuming it is a universal phenomenon. I have never been known to suffer fools gladly but I notice with chronological advancement it has reached the point of them annoying me by being in my line of sight. A cretinous creature near me elicits a reaction that perfectly emulates that of sending a postman into a yard containing a feral Rottweiler.

Another well known quality I have always been lacking to some degree but now it is verging on “E” is patience. I hate meandering talkers, slow movers, wafflers and  procrastinators. There..I said it. When speaking on the phone it is all i can do to not slam the phone down on people who don’t simply get to the point so I can take the wretched device away from my head. People in my personal life can, based on this, choose to be my friends or not. Luckily, and by dint of choosing carefully, I have great friends with high tolerance levels. At work, of course, it becomes more difficult as people have no choice in working with me. I think i make up for it by being funny, thoughtful and efficient…but that is really not for me to say. I suspect I am heading into complete “Type A” status ( google it if you want) and I am , frankly, happy with that. I am in good company as I understand many great CEOs and achievers are also thus inclined. Oh sure, I know what you are saying…so was Hitler..but I suspect he is an exception. There is one thing I know for sure – putting a Type A and a Type B in the same room is like playing with matter and anti-matter together. Needless, to say, I don’t have any true Type B friends.