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October 17, 2007

The perdition trail.

I should really post an empty blog simply stating “This space courtesy Apple” as I wrote a 1500 word piece that was lost on uploading courtesy my Apple computer seizing up..aka crashing. I can tolerate many things but not having auto save and having the computer that never crashes crashing can push me to the edge of sanity. All I can say is Mr. Jobs…for my recent loss I pray your nether regions experience an unpleasant violation. I now have to reconstruct, as best I can…after midnight…when I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow…my previous entry..which will now, for reasons of me being exhausted, be curtailed.

In addition to my other activities today I had two interviews one for radio and one for TV. My television interview was with Captain Gary Griffith and my radio interview was with Kennedy Swaratsingh a former priest who is now running for office on a PNM ticket. The two represent a study in the dichotomy of souls that get involved in politics. Griffith is a former army captain who radiates that swagger that seems to accompany military sorts the world over. Swaratsingh is a quiet sort who is full of that cherry pink optimist thing that radiates from all neophytes to politics.

Prior to his TV interview with me, Griffith had hosted a press conference to respond to a newspaper ad showing his election manager shaking hands with the Chairman of the UNC Alliance and saying she had an epiphany and decided to go back to her party of choice. In the conference and in my interview, Griffith maintained the young lady in question had been offered a bribe by a financier of the UNC-A and it was gutter politics at its worst. He also maintained the woman in question had told him the financier had told her he was planning to give money to the COP ( Griffith’s party) and she had arranged a meeting and was not aware that her handshaking was being photographed. After the interview we received correspondence from the lady in question that we verified was from her, that he was “flirting with a lawsuit”. According to her she was being defamed and, as a former local government candidate for the UNC she didn’t require money to lure her back to her party. In the release she maintains she found the COP to be too “middle class” based and reserves the right to pursue legal action against Griffith should he continue to defame her. Such is the nature of Trinidad politics. Clearly, one person is telling the truth and the other is either lying or misinformed. I can only say one thing…only one party is threatening legal action.

Swaratsingh , on the other hand, is a totally different animal. He is a former priest and watching him, with my keen eye for bullshit, I truly believe him. He is possessed of that great skin, earnest eyes, perfectly shaved look that begs me to ask him what his face products are. He seems to believe everything he says including his admiration of our PM ( which was a bit of a stretch for me) but I believed him. I know, from my experience, that people like him are ruined by the political machine. He means well but ultimately he will be destroyed by the party system. I have seen good people like him enter politics full of good intentions and then either been spat out on the pavement or transformed into Calibans who forget where they came from.

Idealists transform the world. I believe in them and I truly hope one day they will rule the world but sadly that will not happen soon. This is one of the reasons I hate the grinder of politics – it takes good people like him, crushes them and spits them out. May god, if there is a god, have mercy on his soul.