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October 18, 2007

This and that.

Another long day and I am exhausted – it is now 11pm and i only got in around 20 minutes ago from doing the radio programme with Tony. Speaking of whom, where the heck does he get his energy from? The man has a few years on me and yet arrives at work at 6am usually, works at the station and then joins me for the 8-10pm show! What’s worse is it makes it impossible to complain about my hours of work as he is working even longer hours. Dammit! Actually, as I have mentioned before I love my work and I consider working with Tony on his programme to be both a privilege and a great learning experience.

I got to the radio station about half an hour early as traffic was light and decided to traipse through the supermarket next door ( also owned by my company..but then again what isn’t here) and perused the vegetable aisle. To my utter surprise there were imported fresh brussels sprouts in little mesh bags. The price suggested they were meant for some sort of medical transplant at $25.99 a pound, but with star filled eyes and a careful failure to remember my budget I purchased their green layered goodness and placed them in the car for my return home. I just microwaved a potato and had it with some of my little treasures for my dinner. Pure bliss. Yes i know i wrote a tribute to our local produce a while back…but we are talking brussels sprouts here!

Earlier today I interviewed Prakash Ramadhar for my television programme and I must say I was impressed with him. He is the COP candidate for Caroni Central and is one member of the powerful trio of young legal eagles that opted to join that party. He has the good looks that seem to help politicans get votes, he has a great legal track record, is a family man and comes across as being profoundly concerned about the interests of the country in a way that only someone who is new to politics can. What I also like about him is the interesting counterpoint he makes to my friend Anand Ramlogan. Whereas Anand is brash, loud and eager to get your attention, Prakash is very soft spoken and yet gets  his point across loud and clear. There is much to be said for those who can convey ideas in a gentle but effective way. I can’t say how he will fare in the election but I think he will fight a good fight and will be a welcome addition to the political scene.

We had a cancellation for the radio programme so after much scrambling Tony arranged for Sadiq Baksh to be our guest. Mr. Baksh was a Minister and strategist for the UNC before leaving with Winston Dookeran to form the COP. He now serves as their campaign manager and is basically an army general disguised as a small, white haired simple guy. He knows politics like you and I know how to tie our shoelaces ( though I tend to wear loafers). He brought a party activist along with him who , we subsequently learned, was also in the Guinness Book of World Records as the best limbo dancer in the world. I swear I have the best job if only because of the people I meet. The interview was as expected with Baksh explaining the party’s yet to be released manifesto which he had with him. Towards the end of the interview he dropped something of a bombshell which I will have to give a bit of background on. A few years ago Mr. Baksh was in the news when police say, acting on a tip, they found a large quantity of cocaine and weaponry wrapped in plastic and hidden in a water tank behind his house. He denied any connection with the find vehemently and said he was being framed in a rather clumsy fashion. Following police investigations it was basically found that there wasn’t enough evidence to connect him with any wrongdoing but the case is still open and he has yet to get an apology or even a day in court. At the end of our programme he shocked both Tony and I by saying our current National Security Minister is a crook and is connected with the incident. He then said he was aware he was not covered by parliamentary privilege and dared the Minster to sue him. Strong stuff.

The full details of his allegation will be, he says, revealed on the platform this Friday. After the programme, as is often the case, I hung around to be part of the inevitable post programme Tony Zone chat and he explained the evidence he has at his disposal. I am not at liberty to divulge what he said but it certainly was interesting. He also said, and I think I can safely say this, he is prepared to submit to a polygraph test asking him if he ever had illegal materials or hid them on his property and wants the Minister to submit to the same test asking him if he had any connection to the incident. Interesting times.