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October 20, 2007

Silly season starts to bloom in full.

Just a short blog today as I am planning to get away to Toco tonight to partake of Robin’s largesse and best of all he is driving. I can almost taste the curried crayfish at  Kay’s Pot restaurant in Rampanalgas already.

Here in the office we often get to enjoy the truly great raw footage the public never gets to see. Today there were a couple of great examples that had us in stitches. In one instance a candidate was campaigning in a rural area and arranged for a truckload of material to be delivered to help them fix the road which was in a deplorable state. After the repairs he lined up a number of residents to tell the camera how much he he has done for them. So we are treated to a few of these coached testimonials until , for reasons only he can possibly understand, he pulls a blind man forward to tell the camera how much his life has improved since the candidate arranged for streetlights. When the cameraman asks the man how long he has been without streetlights he pauses…says ummmmm..and seems confused until the candidate helpfully shouts the answer to him.

In the other example our cameraman went to a depressed area called “The Beetham” to get shots of bad flooding they had over the last few days. The area is populated primarily by people of African descent and is overwhelmingly in support of the ruling party despite seeing little improvement in their lot over many decades. With water everywhere and people’s homes under feet of water the footage we have shows representatives from all three parties engaged in a huge shouting match. The PNM candidate is having his say when all of a sudden the UNC candidate, Juliet Davy springs into camera range and launches into an all out high-decibel tirade. She shouts “tell dem wat allyuh do for de las’ 6 years…telll dem nah….nuttin” to which he responds at 110 decibels “we do plenty” to which she responds at 130 decibels “yuh lie..yuh damn lie!”. This went on for quite some time as those of us in the newsroom laughed our heads off at the antics. The poor COP man who seemed far too measured and cool to be in the fray tried to get his 2 cents in but even as he spoke the voices of the other two were being heard full blast off camera.

You gotta love this job. To paraphrase Art Linkletter, politicians say the darndest things.