Is it real or is it politics?

Another day, another quickly devaluing dollar. Back home from the radio programme and taping two interviews for the TV programme. On radio tonight Tony and I had Carol Cuffy Dowlat from the COP who arrived on time and managed to fit right in to the spirit of the conversation. I must say Tony was in fine form this evening poking fun at politicians and making remarks that only someone who can afford good legal representation can utter.

The two back to back interviews were with Dr. Hamza Rafeeq, UNC candidate and former health minister and the Dr. Tim Gopeesingh, CEO of the UNC and also a candidate. They are both of East Indian extraction, both medical doctors and both UNC members but in some ways they could not be more different. Dr. Rafeeq is diminutive, soft-spoken, simple and , to my eyes and ears, very earnest. Dr. Gopeesingh is towering, a smooth talker and much more a politician in the classic sense. I will give him one thing…he has an extraordinary memory. He rattled off a 5 minute list of the UNC’s achievements in health listing every ward opened and every machine ordered without missing a beat.

We also have news today that I hinted at in a previous entry but was unable to elaborate on because it was told off the record. The Co-leaders ( don’t ask me what that means) of the UNC Alliance, Jack Warner and Basdeo Panday, are enroute to South Africa on a private jet as we speak. Their mission – to elicit Nelson Mandela’s support for their electoral bid. There are rumours they plan to bring him back here bodily but I suspect not. Even if Mr. Mandela were to be swayed by Jack Warner’s influence in FIFA I doubt he would get on a plane to come onto a UNCA platform to bless them with his presence. Also, all logic would dictate that were they able to get the great Mr. Mandela to agree to come here they would not both need to get on a plane to retrieve him..the plane could just have picked him up. I think they are looking for a video endorsement from him that they can play incessantly on the platform and in TV ads. I can only assume they have arranged  this ahead of time and are sure they will get the endorsement otherwise their trip would qualify as foolish. I just wonder why, assuming it is already arranged, Nobel Prize winning freedom fighter Mandela would endorse a party in a foreign election. Yes, I know Warner has a ton of money from his FIFA gig, but surely Mandela can’t be swayed by something so temporal? If they do get him I suppose the PNM will have to get both the Pope and Bill Clinton to trounce them. The idealists of the COP, with their limited budget and inability to pay for $250,000 US jets will have to channel Mahatma Gandhi or Toussaint L’Ouverture to deal with this one.

Me, I plan to end this entry and channel Mr. Serta.



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