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October 26, 2007

Friends and Family

It was an interesting day for me as it involved family – something I normally avoid like the plague – but in this case it was a family member I admire.My interview for tv today was with Gillian Lucky, the COP candidate for St. Joseph and previously the UNC MP for Pointe-a-Pierre who also happens to be my second cousin. I have to admit despite my cynical views of politicians I have long admired Gillian for her principled stands. This is quite apart from DNA as I genuinely think she cares about the country and has shown it frequently. I think she handled herself well though she was quite tired from campaigning.

Later this evening I spoke to my very close friend Bruce who is in a difficult situation in Nova Scotia dealing with his 80+ year old  father who suffered a broken hip recently. We chatted and, as with true friends, we picked up precisely where we left off months ago. He is handling it all remarkably well as he moved back to Nova Scotia from Toronto to take care of his father. One has to admire that sort of dedication. I may well have to do it for Mum or Karl one day..and I will do so happily as they have never hesitated to take care of me in my difficult moments.

As a follow up…Panday and Warner came back empty handed from their Mandela fetching exercise. Newsday headlined “Mandela blanks UNC” but upon their return the duo denied the obvious…according to them it was an errand for Warner to inspect football stadia in advance of 2010. What Panday had to do with that I have no idea. Thankfully, Mandela retains his dignity but who knows what may show up on the platform soon.

As I head to bed I think about the pride one feels in excellent family and friends. I am really bad at keeping touch with family ( except for Mum and Karl) but I truly am proud of them in general. My friends are a group of disparate souls that I think are extraordinary. I don’t have many close ones but the ones I have are reliable, unique and pretty damned great. I would only hope that others have the great fortune to have friends as good as mine.

Back to the newsroom tomorrow and I am sure there will be more to report.