Overflowing with newsy goodness.

I suppose someone who does not work in news cannot really understand the satisfaction felt after putting together a near perfect newscast with very few resources. Make no mistake, ieTV is not the BBC, CNN or RFI and we are never exactly overflowing with resources at our disposal. To be sure, we have fewer resources at our disposal than most of the local news stations but we can still pull things off because we have a team spirit that, if transformed into electricity could run a small town. Today my reporters were the inimitable Giselle McIntyre ( though I know she prefers to be called voluptuous) who can climb tall stories in a single bound and our newest perfect-fit reporter Ria Rambally who can enthusiastically whip through a mini DV pileup with nary a bead of sweat.

The afternoon started out with a modest lineup, which was ok because with election ads running we are getting 9 minutes of ads in each 1/2 hour newscast. Then, as happens sometimes, the lineup kept growing and growing with tapes being viewed, stories being written, edited and then cast into our editing pit where, like early christians our two editing lions Ricardo and Shiraz made quick work of them. Our cameramen Mookish and Beepat kept turning up with more stories and the process continued. By the end of it all we had a newscast that contained 17 stories most of which were packaged video. I even had time and remembered to insert the “some viewers may find images in this story disturbing” bit for a murder. Giselle read and it was as close to perfect as i could have possibly imagined for a small staff day. The content was good too…a nice balance with political stories, commentary on election violence, 2 murders, the airport being brought to its knees by a sickout and 2 road fatalities including an unfortunate child being killed by a speeding driver on the Priority Bus Route which he did not have a permit to be on. In case you are wondering – the driver is in police custody.

As a lover of both art and science i am always happy when one can help the other so imagine my excitement learning that one can now examine The Last Supper in greater detail than is decent to even contemplate. An enterprising Italian company using the name of our favourite computer villain – the HAL9000 has posted a 16 billion pixel image of the fresco that is unbelievably sharp and clear. For your enjoyment just click here. God I love technology.Oh..just noticed that the BBC has pictures of Nazis enjoying their time at Auschwitz here.  As if the world were not meshuge enough.




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