Scary stuff.

Happy Halloween to one and all. Just got home after the radio programme and then popped over to Alvin’s place to eat some Indian food he that thoughtfully purchased for me at Divali Nagar. It was very nice – chataigne roti with coconut chutney and a pepper roti with fried caraille ( bitter melon) on top. I am far too tired and drained to write anything sensible now so I will keep it short…very short.

On the political front things descended to a sub-gutter level with the UNC-A’s Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj stating on the platform that his opponent from the COP namely Anand Ramlogan had sex with a goat when he was 11. Anand, for his part responded that he remembers the incident well and it wasn’t a goat it was a donkey and its face got twisted as a result and now that same donkey is running for the Tabaquite seat under the UNC-A flag. Just when you thought tackiness in politics couldn’t get worse we have to deal with that exchange. Elsewhere the UNC-A has started advertising its lineup for their last blowout rally on Saturday. The crowd will be treated to Salman Khan, Jesse Jackson, Jamaica’s Beenie Man and something rather generically billed as “Bollywood’s #1 Dance Troupe” – I guess in their haste to be numero uno they forgot to get a name. Oh, there will also be some politicians speaking, at least i think so, I better read the fine print again.

Off to howl at the moon while in a horizontal position on my bed, breathing rhythmically and with my eyes closed.

I was working in the lab late one night When my eyes beheld an eerie sight For my monster from his slab began to rise And suddenly to my surprise He did the mash He did the monster mash

Bobby Pickett


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Howling at the moon, Vern? You could just quietly simper at the futility of it all. Though, as you know, I do encourage a controlled amount of noise by way of letting off steam at all times. Or, as I said to a friend of mine a couple of days ago: “I am not shouting AT you, I am just shouting” – this was on the phone. Shouting when someone is in the same room needs to be considered carefully – though shouldn’t be ruled out if the two of you understand each other. And that is one hell of a big if.

Yes , Vernon, goats and donkeys. You can’t but feel sorry for them. What I’d like to know is where this now leaves you with regards (I actually typed retards) to Anand.w.



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