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November 4, 2007

The final countdown

At midnight tonight all the party speakers will be silenced in preparation for tomorrow’s elections and I can quote the words of the old negro spiritual “thank God Almighty, free at last”! This has been a nasty, confusing and, for me, draining lead-up to the general elections. Right now I am feeling shaky and unwell and I have the prospect of hours and hours of live time on camera tomorrow as I anchor our coverage of the event. I plan to start popping lomotil now in case my stomach continues to feel queasy.

I produced the news today and the building was abuzz with activity as we get out systems and sets ready for tomorrow. The picture above is the reality of our Judgement Day 2k7 set but the viewers will see me and my two guests sitting on a tile platform surrounded by plasma screens carrying information as it comes in. I am sure by the end of the evening me and my crew will not care who actually wins as long as we can get home and crawl into our beds.

As the news was going on this evening Tony called with a late breaking news item that Panday was extending an offer to COP supporters which meant I had to run and call Panday to confirm…dash off some copy and run it into the news anchor while another story was running. Mr. Panday says he is giving his word that if COP supporters vote for the UNC Alliance and allows it to defeat the PNM he will include the COP in the new government. Indeed. I can almost hear him saying after winning “but those votes were all from UNC A supporters why on earth would I want to include the ‘Corpse’”?

Off to bed they say in Ireland…Vote Early. Vote Often.