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November 5, 2007

Party at Balisier House..bring drinks.

Well after a day of running around and me sitting in front of a camera for 6 hours what do we have? PNM – 26, UNC – 15, COP – 0, and one very, very tired but proud ieTV crew. The COP failed to win a single seat, the PNM is back in power with an increased majority but not a constitutional majority and Basdeo Panday of the UNC-A showing his colours by spewing vitriol at anyone who failed to vote for the UNC-A.

It is now quarter to 2:00am and I am still wired from a potent combination of Alka-Seltzer, Imodium and coffee. For any health nuts reading this I don’t want to hear a peep unless you have had to sit for hours on camera with nary a bathroom break. I think our team puled it all off very well considering we were the minnows and didn’t have millions of dollars of taxpayers money to blow. We had the best national coverage from 10am to 6pm with our correspondents calling in from across the country every few minutes giving updates while our competitors were showing regular programming. Our election results coverage was respectable and at least on par with much larger stations and our set – I have been told – looked very good. We had results coming in quite efficiently thanks to Caroline and Joey and his accounting team. Sure, there were quite a few glitches – some apparent and some not obvious to the viewers. Our broadband coverage was a bit glitchy because the provider wasn’t delivering the promised speed. Numbers lagged sometimes because of conflicting figures coming in. We had some problems with mikes being left open when they weren’t supposed to be and with the panelists being unable to hear the remote feeds for the first hour. For my part, the most difficult problem I had to endure 6 hours of hearing camera directions in my earpiece…so while interviewing the panelists I was hearing loud “Camera 3 on…camera one…camera 2…wide shot” in my ear which made concentration difficult.

My final take – I am exceedingly proud of our crew. Our ieTv people combined with our radio people did a great job. We had fewer resources than any other media house by far and we managed to keep our viewers and listeners completely up-to-date. I have it on good word that several PNM ministers were watching us. So to our Giselle McIntyre, Melissa Williams, Melissa Wong, Ria Rambally, Robin Morais, Nadine Hackett, our radio colleagues,  accountants, Caroline, Heidi, Cliff, Rodney, Barney, Joash, Mark, Leroy, our techies – Robin, Harry, Jesse, Ricardo, our editors – Nigel, Nedan, Shiraz, Vashtee and most of all Tony Maharaj for leading the team I tip my imaginary hat. Job well done with a mini team and more spirit than any other station could possibly even dream of. All the other news stations had scores of people and yet our little team kept up with them.

Judgement Day 2k7 is now over and once we all recover we will look back and realize that the country will continue in the same direction and the ieTV crew will continue to pull together.

Off to bed now and apologies to anyone whose name I left out.