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November 6, 2007

Denouement central.

We spent the day at work today discussing our coverage of elections yesterday in addition to the usual newscast creation. I will not say we are basking in the post elections coverage glow but it it pretty close. I couldn’t really see what we looked like on air as it was a virtual set and I couldn’t really spend my time looking at the monitor. I know our content was good and up there with the best and I know that during the day we blew them all away. Watching the DVD of last night ( not the whole 6 hours obviously) I can say we looked really good and our panel was excellent. We were not without problems to be sure as the mikes were kept open most times when a correspondent was reporting from one of our remote points so viewers heard the panel chatting as we chatted off camera and the switcher came back to the unlit set a couple of times during breaks showing the guests moving around and nibbling food. Still, several people have called me and emailed me saying they only watched us and CNC3. Apparently something went wrong with the taxpayers dollar station CNMG as despite their glossy look they faltered badly on results.

Tony Maharaj has been smiling since late last night and today he was basically a very happy CEO.  He thanked me profusely but I pointed out that any thanks were best redirected to himself – and I really feel that way. He worked really hard and spent a lot of money ensuring we emerged from small station to a station that everyone takes seriously. As a cable station we have no plan to go to broadcast even though we could because as far as we know CNN is doing pretty well. We knew it was going to happen but Tony ensured it did for elections and I know our march forward will be akin to the Red Army moving towards a goal.

Several of my friends are very disappointed now that COP did not win a seat but they did pretty well in the popular vote. While the PNM has 26 seats with 299,000 odd votes and the UNCA got about 198,000 votes the COP still managed to garner about 148,000 votes. It is a sad indictment of the parliamentary system. Now we are in a 3 party situation I think some form of proportional representation is in order. The majority of voters did not want the PNM back in power and yet they are with a greatly increased majority in parliament.

I am in the strange season with my close friends as they are now coming and going. Alvie came back tonight and is driving around looking for food and Robbie is off tomorrow morning to NYC. Ah well, at least he will be buying me Apple’s newest operating system “Leopard” so I can squander more money on my favourite computers. At least I got an invitation for a Tobago weekend from him before he leaves so that should be lovely and civilized.

Contemplating a not so brave and decidedly not new world…I bid you adieu.