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November 11, 2007

Climate of Change

Pretty ordinary day today at work though our newscast should have been sponsored by Serta with the amount of padding we had to do to fill half hour. It is always a shock going from election season to the immediate post election period with no rallies to cover, no mudslinging, and the entire cabinet now on retreat in Salybia.

I was looking at the BBC this morning and a programme on climate change with the woman in charge of the EU environmental commission ( I think) taking calls and talking to viewers. I also note that another US network is devoting the entire week to things green…very heartening. I am too tired to give my take on the climate change situation in this entry but I take it all rather seriously. While I realize the planet naturally goes through transitions and fluctuations there can be little doubt the pace has accelerated in recent years. Who can fail to take seriously the fact we have had record temperatures around the globe in the last 12 years? Well..maybe the US President …but rational people have cause to sit up and worry.

To me the scenario is patently obvious. We cannot consume and create usable energy in the way we are doing and pumping massive quantities of effluent into the air and sea without it having consequences. Our planet is a delicate balancing act that for the last blip in cosmic history has reached an equilibrium point that allows our type of life to be sustained. If we throw that balance off kilter we risk changing the conditions that make life possible.

In the shorter term rises in sea level are bound to affect populations living in low coastal areas, many of which are in the developing world. I find it sad that poorer people who live in these developing countries have little say in correcting the situation since it has been imposed on them by larger energy consuming countries. On the face if it the solution is simple we must reduce consumption and look for other, less destructive ways to create power but the reality is very different. People in the better off economies and those that are aspiring to improve their lot have grown used to a level of consumption that they find impossible to wean themselves away from. The challenges of slowing or reversing climate change involves a complex mix of societal, governmental and economic interactions that may take decades to get right. Do we have that time available? I don’t think so. While we argue and discuss the scope of climate change we are dragging an entire planetary ecosystem down with us.

Can I live without the niceties of modern life? I am not sure but I am certainly sure if it comes to a choice between them and the future of the planet I would be willing to give it a try.

And on a lesser note…I am really happy Robin is back…I like having my close friends …umm…well…close.