The silver fox.


I am still basking in the post-Leopard installation glow. So far this seems like the first new version of OS X I have installed with seemingly zero things broken. I just have to restrain myself from activating Time Machine every 5 minutes so I can marvel at its slightly over the top beauty. I swear i must have deliberately deleted at least 20 files just so i can go back in time and retrieve them. The guys at work must be right I should really get a life.

In preparation for my lightning tour of Aruba/Bonaire/Curacao starting Monday I had to do a lot of running around this morning and it wore me to the nub. It started badly enough when power went meaning I was a bit wrinkled and I had to leave the house without mean achievement given my hatred of the pre-noon period.

The Canadian HC was the first stop to drop my passport off to have it renewed as I am sure they told me it took 2 days. The wonderful woman there corrected me and said it actually took 15 days but “seeing it is you” she would have it ready for me. Total pleasant time elapsed – 15 minutes. Then back in the car to get stuck in mind boggling traffic for the 2 km drive to Republic Bank on Independence Square  to pick up my renewed VISA card. Got parking…so far so good…went to the information desk and was directed to the last kiosk where I should take a seat. There were 5 people sitting with me..not too bad. That was until I realized the person at the desk was a Chinese labourer opening an account or something  and his compatriot was seemingly waiting to follow him to the desk. Between his lack of English skills and the clerk’s apparent need to chat with him using hand signals, walk about gratuitously, check on her friend’s weekend activities and stare blankly into space he was still at the table 20 minutes later. When he finally got up she called his friend over and the whole cycle started again. As I sat there with steam coming out of my ears a manager eventually noticed the scenario and came and asked who was there to pick up their credit cards – which turned out to be all of us. So an hour later I got my card, rode into the traffic again, to park at work and hop over to Republic Bank on Tragarete Rd. to pay my VISA bill ( don’t ask) that consumed another 40 minutes in line by which time I had a splitting headache and had to compose myself for my Panday interview.

Mr Panday arrived on time as always and was his usual interesting self. I asked him if, in retrospect ,he regretted his decidedly bitter election night comments that when the country falls apart and families are affected by rape and murder, those who voted for the COP should know they brought it on themselves. His very Panday reply was “No, why should I? In fact I will repeat them now..”. And he did. The biggest surprise was at the end of the interview when i asked him about Machiavelli’s “The Prince” and whether it had any relevance to politics in this country. His eyes lit up and he happily confessed that he remembered reading that book again after he started in politics and suddenly saw the light. He went on to say the ultimate goal of the book  – to strengthen the state – was a good goal though the means may be questioned. It was startling to see him light up like that – all of a sudden a 73 year old man had the burning light of a 20 year old in his eyes.

There are many bad things that can be said about Mr. Panday and he still faces several court cases despite the fact he is about to be sworn in as Leader of the Opposition on Thursday but he sure has something about him. It has been said that Steve Jobs of Apple™ has an RFD ( Reality Distortion Field) which causes anyone hearing and seeing him to want to buy whatever he is selling. I think Basdeo Panday has a MRCF ( Mistrust Removing Charisma Field) surrounding him. As soon as he walks into a room with that well honed smile you can’t help but want to shake his hand and chat. I have seen him saying the most mean-spirited things about people and never losing the smile. It is a bit freaky and possibly scary but he is able to disarm most with his charm.  I give him credit. If, at 73 years of age, I have that kind of charm even when bitter…I would be a happy guy.



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