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November 17, 2007

Picture this

This will be another mini entry simply to ensure I don’t break my unblemished record. My head is spinning with the residual flu I have been suffering and I am still stressed out over my arrangements for Aruba so my brain isn’t really in the right space to ponder bigger thoughts. I will say, though, no matter what happens I am looking forward to seeing Bonaire again and I know I will be happy capturing even more of the sights on my Kodak Z612 which has proven to be a brilliant choice. I do not regret taking back that Canon S2 IS in any way especially given the fact mine weighs only half as much which makes a difference when traveling.

I have almost finished my usual pre-trip arrangements; done the laundry and preselected some clothes, put aside my ticket, money and passport and organized my files on my computer. Thus far I have made preliminary announcements to hotels and restaurants for site visits so they will, at least, not be surprised when i show up with my notebook in hand. For the record, travel book writing is a bit different from review writing in a newspaper as it is a combination of just the facts combined with interviews with other diners so as to get a complete picture of whether or not an establishment deserves to end up in the book. My favourite quote recently is from Bourdain when he ended up in a large and rather dull pastry establishment in Rio when he wanted to be on the beach. He looks at the camera criticizes the shows producers and says “ where did they find this place? Fodor’s?”

Off to bed now.