One black swan coming up.

A good day today and I got a fair bit done under cloud cover which was handy. In my wanderings I also managed to buy some clothes which are dirt cheap here once you avoid Chanel etc. Sitting by the deserted poolside now I am still attempting to recover from dinner where I was the guest of the Waterfront Crabhouse and its lovely owner Roy.  He originally hails from Paisley Scotland but has had the restaurant here for 17 years.

I frequently dine alone when reviewing but Roy stayed with me the entire time and we had a delightful chat about his life, his family and, of course, the restaurant business. I brought up Bourdain’s “Kitchen Confidential” and was immediately relieved to see he was a fan as well. We talked about the amazing place that is the kitchen and the strange marginalized souls that work there. He disagreed with Bourdain’s rule to never order fish on a Monday as he noted that Aruba was a special case and promptly ordered fish for himself. I was gently introduced to dinner with a “gourmet salad” of mixed greens, shrimp, walnuts and apples drizzled with a mango caramel sauce. Interesting but not really blow your socks off sort of stuff…it still suited me fine. He insisted i order their signature dish of Alaskan crab legs..which i did. Nothing can truly prepare one for $50US plate containing a pound and a half of crab legs. The mere sight is mind blowing. I was distracted from my shock when the waitress helpfully threatened to tie a bib around my neck. I will do many things ; cable gliding over a canyon in the Yucatan even paragliding but do not..and i mean not…come near me with a plastic bib and attempt to place it on me. I firmly insisted it would not be necessary as I am not some rube from Omaha who can’t conduct himself at the table. Roy and the waitress said it was in the interest of protecting my beautiful white shirt but I told them that while there was no doubt the shirt was beautiful I would rather emerge from my meal covered in butter like asparagus than suffer the indignity of donning the wretched device. I won and, as a side note, the staff were suitably impressed I emerged unslathered. I never did finish more than 1/2 pound of the crab legs though..I hope they wiped them off and reused them.

Dessert was really excellent even though i am not a fan of the genre. I was told to order key lime pie..that rugged old standby of bad chain restaurants everywhere. What I got was not the expected kermit green..nor was it custardy in texture with an excess of cloying sweetness. What I got was essentially a  pleasantly tart cream coloured sorbet with a Graham Cracker crust. It was the perfect end to a delicious and completely unpretentious meal.

Tomorrow I think I have 3 restaurants and a 2 hour meeting with the tourist board. Time for a valium martini..shaken…not stirred.



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