Bonaire this and that.

A full day today of running around and site inspections. One of which was Captain Don’s where I my chagrin…there is in fact a fridge hidden in the night desk next to my bed. I will swiftly apologize for accusing them of having no fridge in the room but really..if they had a guide in the room I might have known this salient bit of trivia. To me the night stand normally only contains what I call the Jesus coaster or what others call a Gideon Bible. All else remains the same…still the stains on the tile, the lack of an ice bucket and the missing coffee supply despite the presence of a minuscule coffee maker. I really don’t get why I have to lock my room with a key from both the inside and the seems the sort of thing most guests would forget to do and end up leaving their room open while they go about their business.

The 8 or 9 properties I visited today were all much the same so nothing new to report on that end. Our lunch was at Den Laman where I was surprised by an exceptionally good appetizer of Bonairean goat cheese and beets on lettuce with citrus zest and a zingy citrus dressing. The main course was ok but hardly great though the “y’all” from our transplanted Charleston  waitress was priceless.

This evening we dined at a new establishment called Patagonia that is billed as an Argentine Steakhouse. The location on the water was lovely and my initial thoughts were good based on the appetizer. I often order calamari because at its best it can be very good and at its worst it can tell a lot about the restaurant. Patagonia’s calamari was superb and it was a huge portion. It was fresh and incredibly crunchy so I waited and waited and waited for the rib eye to see how it would be. When it eventually showed up accompanied by frozen veg and frozen fries I was devastated. Ignoring the thoughtless veg and frite choice the steak was at least 20% fat…hardly restaurant quality. If you are running a restaurant and you resort to frozen veg and frozen french fries you are doing something very wrong. There was a full house at Patagonia but I can assure them once the novelty of a new place wears off and/or a new place opens down the street they will be deservedly screwed. I sent back most of my plate and the owner’s son took the plate without even pausing to ask me how it was. They will find out soon enough. Sad though, they were so close to getting a recommended from Fodor’s. I never know if the fact I love cooking and understand food makes me too picky because I am sure some rube from the Midwest would find it acceptable based on their experience..I shall continue to maintain my standards hoping some foodie will appreciate what I say.

Tomorrow we have another day of inspections and I will inevitably have to fight with Insel Air about my lack of ticket from here to Curacao. It rained heavily today on my fave desert island…and I found it beautiful. When you are in the Bonaire vibe everything is ok. I swear to the heavens one day I will actually vacation here without any work involved..a pipe dream maybe…but I have hopes. This really is the perfect place on the planet.

Bon Nochi.



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