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November 25, 2007

Bye bye Bonaire

I am now at the airport in Bonaire waiting for them to straighten out my ticket after the jacked up twit in Curacao pulled out the wrong voucher …which I told him. Ah well, in typical Bonairean fashion they are friendly and helpful. The woman even assures me that  my close connection will be made as they will call the pilot in Curacao to warn him I am on my way. Too sweet. I don’t believe a word of it…but to have the thought. As usual when I am about to leave it was pelting rain a short while ago…I like to romantically think Bonaire is crying about my departure though it is more likely the Inter-tropical convergence zone at work.

I am truly sad to leave as I usually am and would run to the phone and call Liz at Golden Reef with delight had I been forced to stay on longer. There really is something about this place. We had a great lunch at a local joint in the middle of the bush called Maiky’s Place which advertises “The Best Local Food” I would beg to differ as to my palate it is the best food bar none. Then i told my guide he could drop me in Kralendijk to wander about downtown for the three hours before I was due to go to the airport. Somehow I forgot that it takes less than half an hour to traverse every square inch of downtown and it being Sunday there wasn’t much to slow me down. I managed to use up the remaining time sitting on the patio of City Cafe watching the port and imbibing a few  Amstel Brights, eating some apple cake and enjoying one last coffee.

My internet time is almost up here so perhaps I will describe the hair raising journey later tonight if I actually get to Port of Spain.