Back to the grind.

Went back to work at ieTV today but I have to confess I was still thinking about Bonaire as i usually do every time I takes a while to readjust to normal life. Checked in with Tony as i arrived and he seemed his usual chipper self..then upstairs to the engine room to see that things were as i had left them. I always somehow hope things will stop where i leave them and only resume when I return..sadly it never happens.

I have to get cracking on the book chapters ASAP and , believe it or not, I haven’t had time to tour Trinidad or Tobago yet to get the info for those chapters. In between that important task I also have to get the “Year in Review” crew in gear so I can get it finished in time so I can get to Toronto for Xmas. Speaking of which I called Mum this evening and after hearing all the latest she old me my visit would make Xmas for her. In fact I believe she said I would be the shining star of Xmas in Toronto. No pressure on me I guess. Going home is always a painful experience for me as it genuinely hurts when I have to leave. I get used to being around Mum and Karl and being in Toronto then it is time to board a plane. I am happy being in my home city with my family but the reality of my life is that to follow the career I love I have to be back at ieTV. Life can be a difficult series of choices.

I gather there is a plan afoot by a few of my friends here to spend a weekend in Tobago sometime in December so I have that to look forward to once I finish the Fodor’s chapters. In the meantime I see a lot of long TV days and even longer writing in front of a Mac screen nights. Thankfully I am fairly used to it after 9 years.

I just realized what I miss the most after my ABC trips whether back to Trinidad or is people I don’t know saying hello or just smiling and tipping their heads. I am beginning to think I prefer life on the smallest scale possible. Despite my fondness for the offerings of major urban centres I genuinely feel happier in smaller places where being human is important and showing kindness and concern to strangers is a natural part of life.



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