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November 28, 2007

London calling.

It was an interesting day. I was called by Ria at the BBC Caribbean FM launch to ask me if I wanted to have Debbie Ransome on One on One ..which I did..but I had no crew to record the interview. I eventually toddled off to work to face the usual day of producing news and things were they normally are once Giselle is on hand. On my way to work I had attempted to head to the mall to get new makeup to match my Bonaire/Aruba tan but the traffic changed that plan.

The lineup today was promising with a starting list of about 8 stories which always expands as the day progresses. Admittedly, there was no drop dead story in sight but I set to work creating the newscast. As the day moved on it was clear to me that the escaped/rescued kidnap victim was probably the best choice for a lead story. What puzzles me, and for once I agree with the TT media blog, is how the distraught husband managed to escape from being hogtied with duct tape to look around for the whereabouts of his wife. I have never been hogtied with duct tape ( interestingly it was originally called duck tape)  but I doubt it would be an easy matter to get free. Nonetheless she managed to escape her abductors last night and after an, by all acounts, brutal experience, she is back with her family. I cannot imagine the trauma as I gather she was also seriously physically abused.

Our other headline stories were Hazel Manning talking about adopting the local government white paper by the end of the year and the Beeb launching their FM service in T&T. The PM returning from Harare was important too but the footage was coming in late so it didn’t work for the video headlines. Part of the TV world is recognizing what is possible and what is not given the time constraints. Somewhere in this timeline Tony told me that it would be “helpful” if I attended the BBC  media get together at 7pm at the naturally I interpreted it as meaning I better be there. I got the news going and then headed off to the Hilton which is on my way home.

I found the location at the Hilton with no problem but I must confess I am seriously averse to schmoozing. I hate cocktail parties with a major passion and I normally stand on the sidelines until it is safe for me to flee. I was totally surprised there was a neverending list of people who seemed to want to talk to me as I arrived. From what I gather I may be in the papers tomorrow chatting with any number of prominent people. I swear they came to me and I never moved more than 1 metre from my initial arrival point.  Thank god for scotch and coconut I was able to be generally calm and I survived the ordeal.

I pray despite the long list of xmas invitations in front of me I can survive the season and get my writing done. I hate this time of year.