Through a glass darkly.

After a late start to the day today I headed out on the Cascade Main Rd to get to the station which is only about 5 minutes away. On the short drive and about 1 minute from my front door I witnessed this strange spectacle on the road. I must admit I am used to Trinidad and have learned to laugh at the many foibles of life here but this sight took me aback. Apparently, the way to make a speed bump here is to make one side, add the other a few days later, and then fill in the middle bit by completely blocking the middle of the road with reflective PVC pipes.  I suppose this approach might work if Cascade were in lockdown while the concrete dried but ,sadly, the government did not have the presence of mind to enact the required legislation. What happens instead is that the thoughtless residents of Cascade selfishly seeking ingress and egress try and squeeze through the remaining space, knock over the poles and run their tyres through the wet concrete. The result – Cascade now has a series of interesting speed bumps with perfectly smooth rises on the left and the right and crenellated and mangled middles. The experience of driving over them when dry is not unlike racing a 4X4 on Aruba’s Eastern side.

There must be something about the heat of the Caribbean that makes for strangeness. I think many tourists…the better ones at least..come to the region precisely because it is somewhat comical and off-kilter. This region is not known for efficiency or even for logic in the way things are done. Downtown has a series of glass sheeted skyscrapers going up ( presumably earthquake proof) and yet the roads of the capital are potholed and congested. We have a crime problem so the government went out and bought a blimp to nip it in the bud…actually we are on our third blimp…minor know how it is. The Prime Minister decided that establishing a million dollar ballroom dancing troupe called Divine Echoes was his way of dealing with the crime problem…as we all know nothing says “say no to crime” like the foxtrot.

Curiously, the PM just came back from the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Harare and is now loudly nattering on about global climate change. He seems oblivious to the fact T&T ratified the Kyoto Protocol in 1999 so I am assuming An Inconvenient Truth is finally showing in Harare and he did some internet research.

I stopped ..or rather slowed PriceSmart this afternoon but seeing the lines and lack of parking spots I just revved and came back home. Trinis are obsessed with Xmas to a point I cannot even begin to comprehend. I am sure any pig would be well advised to go into the witness protection programme until January.

More after my roller coaster ride out of Cascade tomorrow.



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