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December 3, 2007

Archiving is important

I have become concerned that using iWeb for my blog may end up coming back to bite me as my stack of entries increases. My solution, for now, is to essentially create a manual mirror of here. It may take me a while copying and pasting but I should get a complete copy eventually.

December 3, 2007

Backing up.

I’ll keep it short today as i spent several hours cutting and pasting so my fondness for Tinkerbell is rather limited at this moment. Work was fine as we used the virtual set for the first time on my talk show today and I had a double interview with political scientist Dr. Kerry Sumesar-Rai. Unfortunately, there was a problem with the audio and we ended up airing a repeat. I hope they get it rectified by tomorrow as I have yet another political scientist scheduled. It seems that ieTV is governed by Murphy’s Law in a big way.

Most of my free time today was devoted to mirroring my blog at a different location as my anal nature means I am sure iWeb will crash at some point and leave me cursing like King Lear in a force 10 gale. I have been reposting everything on and I must say it has been a very pleasant if time consuming experience. When I started this blog one of my acquaintances asked why the hell I was using iWeb..with a tone that most closely resembled someone asking me why I have that bloody kitchen knife in my hand. iWeb has been relatively easy to use and despite the long upload times and huge file sizes I have been basically happy. The wordpress experience sort of makes me wonder why I didn’t use them in the first place. If anything it is even easier to use than iWeb and offers many options I had no idea existed. Better still for readers the pages load much faster. In fact the uploads are so fast I can barely blink before I am presented with a chance to enter a new entry. Pretty cool. I suppose the even better part is that I am not tied to using this notebook as iWeb’s nature means that all the site info is stored on one huge file on this computer and there is no easy way of synchronizing it with my other computers. Happily I was able to get the name globewriter on wordpress as well so my bliss is complete. I thought it might take me days or weeks to effect the transfer but I am already finished so for anyone with a slow connection you may access it at . My laziness in effecting the transfer means I ignored my song/poem bit at the top of these pages and, rather obviously, comments were not transferred.

I am now a happy uptight person. Until tomorrow…I sleep peacefully.