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December 9, 2007


Not sure if it was the strain of trying to put together a newscast when nothing really happened today, the fact I was feeling a bit under the weather, or my Wii strain from last night but by 4pm this afternoon i was exhausted. I am now barely able to keep my eyes open. I will say we managed to craftily cobble something together in time for 6:30 and Giselle did a great job of presenting as always. It was her birthday yesterday and she was off so we got a bit of cake and ice-cream and had a mini party for her in the newsroom. Maybe i am suffering a sugar hangover?

have serious work to do on Fodor’s tomorrow so I must stoutly resist the urge to use my new Harry Popper Wii game.

Off to bed I go with aching arms and a woozy head.