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December 15, 2007

Friends and Food

It was the best of times it was the worst of times…now I have that out of my system. It was really a day of realizing how totally inefficient transport in Trinidad and Tobago is in 2007. From traffic to bad airlinks in the region to more annoying traffic it is a miracle anything gets done at all in T & T. Now that I am unwinding with Peter times 2, Robin and Naz all is well. It is amazing what great friends can do to your system. We settled into the villa quickly and, after making a huge mess of escargot, we wandered to a restaurant to eat some more. To be honest I had already met my fat quota for the day but Sheppard needed to eat and the trip was necessary.

I know I can be a harsh judge of food and it seems my friends are less judgmental but when i see prices for entrees starting at $25 USD I expect something more than a passable meal. To me a fish broth, even when it is accompanied by the restauranteur giving an extended explanation of what kind of fish was used and where it was caught, should be full of large chunks of identifiable fish and not cornstarch. That makes it a bad chowder. Also, when i order a grilled romaine salad with hearts of palm and  sun dried tomatoes and some etc I expect to see hearts of palm on my plate. I really shouldn’t have to walk to the open kitchen and enquire as to the whereabouts of my HOP.

Despite these minor setbacks it has been very relaxing thus far and with such close friends I expect it will continue that way. The matter of using 56k dial-up, on the other hand, is a different matter entirely. I feel I have been dropped into the dark ages. Sheppard, God bless his heart, was heard telling a friend on the phone that he “doesn’t know how people survive on dial-up”. I agree. I think broadband has become as indispensable as cable…screw that..I can live without cable but not without my broadband.

Omar has been housesitting for me and a quick check sounds like things are in order. Friends are a great thing.