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December 23, 2007

Winding down.

My last day at work before I head of to freezing Toronto for a week to spend Xmas with the family. Funny, as much as I love Mum and Karl the thought of getting on a plane in the middle of Xmas rush gives me that sinking feeling already. I hate crowds with an intense passion. There is also something about modern air travel that i find especially dehumanizing so I am pensive about that too. Surprisingly we were well stocked with stories today and even with the reporters running out to  take care of shopping and raise the shares of KFC things got done quite efficiently.

It truly is amazing the talks we have in the office. If we actually broadcast our office ramblings I am sure we would have the highest rated TV show in Trinidad. Yesterday there was much discussion by the staff on what size was acceptable ( if you know what i mean)  and the best ploys for beating a hasty exit should the revealed object fail to meet their stated minimum . For those interested the preferred approach is to feign being suddenly overcome with guilt that things got that far and then leave….saying “ I am a good girl..I don’t know what came over me”.

Today the topic was who had the best Gaydar…which is always good for a laugh. Giselle swears hers is highly tuned and frequently gives her take on members of other media houses and public figures. Normally they consult me for backup on such opinions and I sagely give my take on the person in question. The one fly in our smugly confident ointment is a certain cameraman who we shall call Steve…oh wait…never mind…anyhow…he sets off everyone’s gaydar faster than a bearded man with ticking baggage raises alarms at Heathrow. Everything about him seems to point  to the fact he can tell fuchsia from magenta and yet he is completely straight. I suppose there will always be anomalies. What amazes me the most is that some people have no gaydar whatsoever. Surely, one would think, that Liza Minnelli of all people should have had a couple of bells ring when she noticed her ex husband spent more time on his eyebrows than she does? And Terry “Stella” McMillan must have been suffering from sunstroke to not at least suspect her new husband  probably knew a thing or two about decor.Honestly love or desperation can blind us to reality sometimes.

Heading off after work to a little Xmas get-together at Ft. George and then I should have enough time to go home and pack for my trip.


December 23, 2007

Scrunting for Xmas

Trinidad has a lovely word that is frequently used by all and sundry it is “scrunting”. It basically means having nothing. With this in mind I can now say, with a fair chance of being understood, we were scrunting for news today. Xmas may have a lot of fun things associated with it but news events are not in that number. Today we had a couple of murders and a traffic accident in which no one died. Hardly enough to fill half an hour even with all the padding of a business expense account.

I love news but when there is nothing of substance to get things going it becomes a desperate chore. Thankfully Giselle and Melissa were there to rummage up enough to keep some semblance of a newscast together. Compared to the other local stations we are always harder pressed because we have a lot more local news than they do. Whereas we have at least 23 minutes of local news each cast they frequently have 12-15 and pad the rest with regional and international. If only life were so easy for us. I will say we managed to pull it all together and as I read the newscast with only one…we apologize we will have that story later ( editors weren’t finished yet..blame the Director for not asking me to skip)..we filled the time well.

Xmas in T&T is interesting involving lots of traffic and massive lines for everything. I took a break from the news today to spend my Dollar Value vouchers from the company. After a brief drive ( well not so brief) I ended up buying several items of useful things and when I realized they amounted to a blip on the radar on the cash register I was forced..forced I say…to purchase silly amounts of liquor to use up my vouchers. Most of it involved pointing at the shelf and  saying…ummm….and a bottle of that. Suffice to say I have a well stocked bar now.