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December 24, 2007

From stove to freezer

Yes, I know I am wearing the same shirt as I wore in the previous blog but it was at the function yesterday so I have an excuse. I promise this will be the last pic of me for a while..I just have so few of me that I wanted to show I actually exist and having shots taken of me over Xmas proves the perfect opportunity.

I am now in Toronto after crawling out of bed this morning and hurling things into my suitcase it was off to the airport for my Caribbean Airlines flight that was scheduled to leave at 12:35 so I was at Piarco by 10am…in mortal dread of long queues. As it turns out the airport was very quiet and the lovely young lady at the First Class counter called me over and cheerfully checked me in. Duty free..which was to be my substitute for Xmas shopping was mercifully free of crowds and i was seated in the departure lounge in  no time. More amazingly still we boarded early and took off ahead of schedule. It was a completely uneventful flight and after a few bumps, some not bad airplane food and about 15 pieces of Nicorette Gum I was in the frozen tundra that is Toronto in December. My brother Victor was there to meet me which ruined my Xmas tradition of arguing with limousine drivers saying I will only be driven in a Lincoln and get that damned Caddy away from me…I don’t care if you are the next driver in line…one has to have SOME class.

So here I am sitting with Karl chatting  as Mum has gone to bed. I swear she didn’t stop talking to me from before I even stepped into the house until her bedroom door closed. Must be pent up information. Apparently i am cooking tomorrow…what a shock. Mum was absolutely thrilled with the Apple iPhoto book I had made and sent to the house in advance…of course it led to much sobbing and hugging…precisely the anticipated effect.

Enough obligatory blogging for now…there is a vanilla vodka martini with my name on it that i will need to consume before stepping outside into sub zero for a ciggy.