It was a kind of weird day today. I learnt that my cuz Peggy was on facebook which took me a while to figure out until I realized her daughter Shivani is in the US now at university. I also learnt that I now hate the cold after getting used to the tropics.I ventured to Bloor Street earlier with Mum and after she abandoned me I discovered that after purchasing $130 CAn in hair products and some asparagus I was cold and exhausted so I returned to base.

Somehow I also bought a groovy Roots sling bag…but I love it so I am happy I did. I came back home to hear of more family drama which I ignored. When you have a ton of hair products and clever vegetables how can one even think about family drama? it is amazing how one adjusts to the place considered home. Today I spoke to Omar, Astrid, Binky and Muz ( who was actually pleasant because he is in London)…I longed for that connection to Trinidad. I immediately felt connected to my home base and the world was normal again. I must contemplate this concept of belonging in another blog. I know for sure that there are several types of family most obviously the one you are born into and the one you adopt. I think I have the best adopted family in the world.

Tomorrow I will venture into downtown and see what I can get for the family back home ( never thought i would refer to Trinidad as home).  I have a serious shopping trip ahead of me as I bought nothing for anyone for Xmas and birthdays included Omar, Robin, Giselle and Astrid is around the corner. Must remember to stop for a martini tomorrow.



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