Blue Sky Mine

Today was quite good by my standards. I stumbled outside into the usual Arctic temperatures for a ciggy this morning but, for the first time since i got here, I actually saw blue sky on the horizon. I had no idea that seeing the sky was so important to me but apparently it is. On second thought I think I have a thing for the sky. I remember my first night in Nairobi looking up and thinking the African sky is somehow magical and so different from anything I had seen before. It was at that point I realized what a horrible lie the whole “Dark Continent” thing was…the sky showed a land of mystery and wonder that was beckoning. One day if I am lucky I will explore Africa more…not the South…that leaves me cold…but central Africa and the North seem to be calling me. I think I need to see the Congo and walk the streets of other places.  The weirdest thing was I felt completely at home in Kenya from the second I arrived. Yes, there was an ugly incident involving me and a taxi driver that the police got involved in..but I handled it like a pro…including a lot of cursing.

Today I cheerfully walked the streets of Toronto ( that I can get around blindfolded still) and, having seen the sky, I had a little pep in my step. I went to the DVD store downtown to get an Absolutely Fabulous DVD that I know will have Omar and Astrid in stitches, I bought a couple of CDs that Astrid wanted but could not find in Trinidad and I took a few pics. The pic taking was a bit difficult since it was really cold and my hands were shaking but I managed. I think I am addicted to photography. I was looking at cameras today and though there are new cameras with more megapixels for what I do my Z612 is still my fave…I will keep her for quite a while.

In other contacts today I heard from Omar..aka..Grommit who is in the Grenadines but amazingly has wireless access though no phone credit, I heard from Peter Police via Skype and I chatted with Gal Pal Astrid who has now been christened Iggy ( for It Girl..thus IG…and Iggy). Better still…my 2nd cuz ( I think) Shivani is now on my facebook list of friends. In her case..being Peggy’s daughter…I am hoping the breadfruit didn’t fall too far from the tree..which I already know it didn’t. So I have many interesting conversations in my future.

Yes, there was more family drama with Vic involving Police reports and his wife ripping the lock off the basement door…am I worried..nope..I saw the sky today and the world is a better place.



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