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January 3, 2008

Working on it

I am having internet problems at home this evening which is preventing me from finishing off my Fodor’s work too so i am hoping i get a short connectivity window in which I can upload a short blog entry. Today was back to work day and I was immediately immersed in the normal run of things. It is funny but as much as I crave vacations I now think I prefer short getaways as I find myself longing for something productive to do. Maybe if I were in one of those romance novel relationships things might be different. It is not that i am work addicted it is just that I feel out of sorts just sitting around do basically nothing. I suppose If I were somewhere intensely interesting like Paris or Djibouti I might find it sufficiently distracting to keep me from wanting to pull my chin hairs out as a means of entertainment. I also find that work is also a family of sorts as we tend to work together in a peculiar choreography to get the job done. Tomorrow the interviews start and I can get back to doing what i really do best..talking. Going to upload now…I promise there will be more tomorrow. 


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