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January 13, 2008

Wicked in White

Well I actually did you may deduce from my lack of an entry last night, my “vague plan” turned into me actually going to a Carnival fete. The event in question was Wicked in White and after a fair amount of inveigling from O and A I found myself donning a new white Mexx formal shirt with jeans and heading to St. Anthony’s Grounds for the event. This, of course, after Grommit spent no less than an hour attempting to get the correct hair configuration. The venue had no parking that i could see so there were cars parked all the way back to the highway. Fortunately, since the company jeep is small and I have no shame I managed to cadge a spot quite close to the event.  I really don’t see the point of carnival fetes. You go there, pay money, have a few drinks, get pushed around by a crowd and then get back in your vehicle and head home trying to avoid killing yourself in the process. Machel Montano performed though I never really get him. He tends to shout all his songs and is a one trick pony when it comes to stage moves. His trademark hip thrusts grow tired really quickly. Also, if I were his physician I would strongly urge him to wear more supportive underwear because one day things may go horribly wrong. We managed to find Astrid in her hot little Stag Girl costume complete with fireman’s hat and comprising perhaps a smidge more than 6 square inches of fabric. After that it was basically standing around drinking rum and coke and watching Omar sweat like a cornered politician. At some point I got a text message from Alvin saying we should pop into Sky on the way home and informing me that “Britney killed herself”. Naturally I showed everyone the message thinking that it was lucky I had an alibi. As it turns out Little Miss Train Wreck did not kill herself…so I am guilty of large scale gossip mongering. Eventually we got bored and the three of us headed back to the car and after popping into Sky to see Alvie it was time for home. Strangely, I awoke none the worse for wear but resolved that I will not be attending any more fetes this season…well not until the next one. Back to work I