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January 17, 2008

South – The Final Frontier

Yesterday was a bit of a wash as far as work went since Anand Ramlogan had to cancel the interview he had called to arrange. The car will apparently be ready “by the weekend” although that is not exactly inspiring me with confidence. I want to get away to Toco and the thought of having to drive the jeep-ette for 2 hours makes my nerves jangle. Speaking of which ( nice segue Vern) I had to drive to South Trinidad last night to attend Bunny’s birthday party at his club.

While normally the prospect of not only passing the lighthouse but also the Caroni River fills me with mortal dread the drive to get there was not too bad. Grommit was meeting friends there so the company made things pass faster and the directions for how to get through the maze of overpasses was quite useful. There was some idle chit chat from Steve that he would meet me there but that never materialized as he called to say he was fasting for a wedding and couldn’t drink. Given he is  not the least bit religious I put it down to the things guys do for women. In any case I made it to Space – La Nouba on time.

Selwyn “Bunny” Persad and Maureen have been wonderful friends for many years. When I was at 95FM we worked together on several promotions and we hit it off immediately. I worked with them on their Raftabout Fete on and off for several years after that and we have always kept in touch as much as possible. In the last couple of years I have been too busy to work with them on things but I was happy for the opportunity to attend Bunny’s party. It was a surprise party and Maureen amazingly pulled it off perfectly. Bunny prides himself on knowing exactly what is going on at all times but apparently didn’t notice the scheming that was happening in his own club. When he entered the champagne room and we all did the requisite “surprise” I was fearful that he might have pulled a gun and mowed us all down…such is the danger of surprise parties.

After the initial shock subsided the champagne started flowing and never stopped. It being South the chosen culinary accompaniment was, of course, curried duck, paratha, channa and potato and stewed chicken. Surprisingly, it went well with the champagne. It was not my usual crowd and I am sure I was the poorest person there as some of the names I was hearing were prominent business names. I understand that some of the kids of these people have been known to drop $20,000 on a single night of partying at the club. Presumably they have drivers to get them home. And while we celebrated in the VIP area upstairs the crowd built quickly on the dance floor below giving us ample opportunity to gander at the beautiful people of South having a whale of a time on a work night. Granted, it was a very young crowd but it was also a school night…as i reminded Grommit around 11:30 when i was ready to leave. Champagne never has much of an effect on me but based on the slightly glazed happy face Grommit was displaying I realized that 15 glasses of bubbly has an effect on him. In retrospect he really was upstairs more than he was downstairs.

As a lovely final gesture we were also presented with Space VVIP cards before we left complete with our pictures on them..and here I was thinking that Bunny’s son was taking a portrait shot of me because I was looking good.



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