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January 20, 2008

What a Weekend

Back from the awful long drive from Toco but feel obliged to at least make a token stab at an entry. Once the troops , as it were, were able to assemble we were off for Astrid’s birthday weekend. About 3/4 way into the drive there were grumblings from the passengers indicating that they felt the commute was getting a bit tiresome but a quick stop at Kay’s place solved that problem and soon the terrible trio were back in the car and shortly thereafter in Robin’s house. A few drinks and some conversation and we all turned in. Astrid had billed the event as a Weekend of Drunken Revelry but given it was only the three of us for the first night we were patently unable to muster much in the way of revelry.

The next day there was the requisite trip to the beach complete with the rather bizarre spectacle of Grommit trying to give himself a full body exfoliation in the black sand..thankfully mostly underwater. Other friends came up later and I cobbled together dinner but they had to head back at 10pm when a “family emergency” that turned out to be a hoax popped up.

Today was spent cooking and entertaining a few other friends of Astrid’s that drove to Toco for the day. I have to say everyone I encountered over the weekend was wonderful and being around so many younger people really does have an effect on one’s perception. It is nice to see that cynicism,  fun and a general refusal to behave is still the stock in trade of the younger generation. I have high hopes for the future.

More tomorrow…