Burning up

Woke up with clear signs of the flu which was not the best start to my day. I had an interview with Rosemary Hezekiah of Trinidadtunes.com but mercifully that was at 3pm so i was able to take my time getting ready. God I hate makeup. It went well as Roses and I are old acquaintances so it was a very easy interview and I think they are on to a good thing doing a download service for local music. Pity that most people will still chose to just download for free thus depriving local artists of money they desperately need.I am now sitting staring at this screen and trying to not let the fever make me write some sort of Coleridge tome. I should have interesting dreams tonight as I always do when I am feverish. I am still in my strange mental place but I am trying to get out of it by analyzing my life. As far as I can tell my work life is great so it is my personal life that needs attention. I suppose being without my own car for a month has had a psychological effect on me…but thank god I work for a company that lets me use its car for so long with no argument.I suspect i will come out of this place soon. It is a new year and some interesting people have come into my life so it may make a difference. Maybe a great difference..I will keep my fingers crossed. I will constantly remind myself that i am a really good and decent person and deserve a good life.100_4243.jpg


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