Getting out of gear

Well it finally happened me and The Hearse are finally reunited after a month apart. I must say after paying the mechanics and taking control of her again it was a very strange experience getting used to her feel. Whereas the Suzuki is light and nimble getting the Mondeo onto the road felt like steering my living room. I was immediately conscious that I was guiding 2 tons of metal on the road.  Turning required minutes of planning and trying to estimate the back of the car which is about 18 feet long almost requires a navigator. The low driving position also took a while to get used to. It is funny how quickly one can get used to a different vehicle. It is nice having the comfortable suspension and  automatic shift though so I am getting used to her again. I was still sick today, sicker if anything, but I had agreed to produce the news today for Vashtee and figured I would just sit there fevered until the planned news meeting at 8pm.  The news was almost done and I dashed off in the Suzuki ( wasn’t comfortable with the Mondeo yet) to pick up Grommit and drop him to the Cascadia Hotel since he had no other way of getting there. Got back in time to see Giselle had her newscast and take more pills as my fever was ramping up again. Somewhere in there Tony decided that there was no point having a news meeting if Vash wasn’t there and we had two cameramen out so we postponed it till next week. Typical of us. That meant I could return the Toco keys to Robin and pick up Grommit at the hotel to drop him to catch his taxi as the hotel is only a couple of minutes from my place. Sitting here now wondering what will happen if I let the  fever keep building..will I spontaneously combust? Perhaps I will melt into my chaise? I suppose it is best not to explore some possibilities as brain damage seems a more likely outcome. I find fevers fascinating as I invariably think back to other fevers i have had in my life. There is something disturbing yet oddly fascinating about the jangly nerves and the galvanic skin response that fevers induce. I find there is an almost sexual quality to the feeling..not quite …but there is a definite nexus. Sad to see that actor Heath Ledger apparently committed suicide today at the age of 28. Even in the most apparently charmed of lives there  may be demons lurking.100_4263.jpg


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