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January 24, 2008

Generation Crap

Because of the circles I find myself in, especially of late, it sometimes amazes me that while I feel comfortable amongst people much younger than me there are definite differences that cannot be overlooked. I say this in mild horror as I think we all stick to a certain internal mental age and mine is around 21. That being the case it upsets me when i sometimes think of my younger friends as whippersnappers who need to be tapped upside the head. I suppose even at 21 I was a bit different from most young people and always felt that decorum was essential to a life well lived…not so now apparently. While I can keep up with the best of them in technology and even music I cannot for the life of me grasp the behaviour patterns that result from even small groups congregating.

When a group of three or more ..and I shall specify UWI students..congregate… there seems to be some sort of ..and I hate this word as i hate any bodily function word…belch. I do not recall me ever doing such a thing in public and even in private I am taxing my brain to think of an instance. There is also the tendency to loud talk when everyone is within 4 feet of each other..another practice that confuses me. I suppose it is inevitable when hanging with such a group that any mention of Duran Duran draws only blank stares but I am truly surprised that The Beatles and The Doors are still considered cool. The trend for young people here in Trinidad to use expressions like “dred” and call each other “hoss” is best discussed in some other forum where I am not allowed to vent. On the bright side, there is a perspective and a freshness that I gain from hanging around with younger people that really stimulates my brain. I go to work and I can ask questions that I would never have thought of before because I was trapped in another paradigm. Speaking of which…I haven’t heard a peep from my gal pal Astrid all day I must text her and see how she is doing…presumably she is in a skimpy outfit at some fete.

Producing news today was fairly easy as we had too much to choose from..I hope tomorrow is similar because i suspect I will be doing this for a long time.



January 24, 2008

The Write Stuff

When I started this little online diary a few months ago I said I would try to put up the occasional blog entry. Having become almost addicted to a near daily update I seldom even think that anyone even reads what i write. Having created this mirror site ( which is rapidly becoming my entry point to the blog because it is more  convenient) I now have access to all the site stats that WordPress provides. It amazes me how many hits this site actually gets. Between the two sites over 2000 pages have been read and as of yesterday the .Mac site crossed 1000 hits and the WordPress figure, which started much much later is already in excess of that and climbing rapidly. The fact that so many people read amazes me but WordPress also allows me to see what pages people read and how they came to the site..which is even more interesting.  Google started indexing my pages a while back and quite a large percentage of my readers apparently find the site through Google. It is interesting to see whaat they search for as well. People search for the names of some of my interview subjects, for the names of ieTV staff members, for Carnival related subjects and my favourite…someone who searched for “being hogtied “. I also notice that the tags I place on the entries can make a real difference to the number of page reads. When I did one of my entries on the diversity of my friends and used the word “gay” as a tag the hits skyrocketed. I guess there are a number of people out there who actively search out specific themes and want to know about regional developments in that area of interest. Given that there are any number of things I could write about  I suppose it sometimes affects what I choose when I realize that readers prefer certain subjects. I am happy to oblige. Other than that I stayed home today as the flu still has me feverish though given my previously stated belief that it is similar to sex..I should take what I can get. I used the time to do laundry, work on Fodors and ponder the uselessness of existence…all the while feeling guilty that I was actually not at ieTV. I took a break to go to HiLo to get medication and to give Omar a lift from downtown to the Cascadia Hotel where is currently working with a Carnival Mas Camp…why they would pick such a oddly located distribution point I will never know. After that brief expedition and a rather puzzling call and hangup from a good friend I came back home and went back to Fodors till my back could take no more at the keyboard. Whatever guilt I may have felt about taking a day off ( so I only worked 6 days this week) was quickly dismissed when Vashtee called from work to say that her sister was diagnosed with a medical problem in the States and she had to fly out on Friday to be with her. Vash has been off for various reasons in the past and it means that I have to fill the gap and produce the weekday and weekend news in addition to my One on One interviews and whatever special projects Tony Maharaj needs done. I love work..but after doing that for almost 3 months non-stop last year i ended up getting nosebleeds from the strain on my body. I hope it will be of a shorter duration this time..thank heavens for a great crew.  My new work schedule starts tomorrow so wish me luck. I will update the .Mac site tomorrow.  picture-1.png