Out of the Depths

Back home now after a day of producing news and then an 8pm ieNews meeting with the CEO and staff. Meetings drain me in a way that I cannot fully explain and a 2 hour meeting is like torture. I know we have to have them to improve our product and Tony Maharaj actually holds a great meeting but to my mind it is still a meeting. I sit there waiting for the inevitable sniping and I got a bit of it sent in my direction but really not a lot. In all the media houses I have worked for the usual complaint about me is that in order to get the job done I can be a bit cavalier when it comes to the feelings of staff. I know it is in my nature but to be honest I have never seen news as a chance to make friends and develop that warm fuzzy feeling. It is all about getting the job done. Being quite thick skinned myself it amazes me that people don’t just recognize that what I say in the heat of getting a newscast on is not to be taken personally.  To his credit Tony actually explained that to staff saying he has known me for a long time and he knows how I operate so people should adjust to my method a little bit. It is always nice to have a CEO who understands you…if you ever get one…chain yourself to the company and stay there forever.

In all fairness to the crew, though, most of their concern was not directed towards me.  My feeling is they should notice I get the news on in a timely way with minimal stress to the staff and technical crew and they all get to go home earlier…to me that must count for something.

We carried an item of news about Guyana that rather interestingly reflects my sentiments in yesterday’s entry in that an expert in Guyana is suggesting the recent killing of 11 people there may lead to further ethnic conflict.  This was coupled with the coincidence that I had the President of the Global Organisation for  People of Indian Origin ( GOPIO) T&T chapter in for an interview today as well. I am sure his organisation has many good points but I still don’t understand what an Indian from India and an Indian from Trinidad or , for that matter Guyana or Fiji, have in common. Other than appearance I don’t see what the heck they have to sit around and talk about. As I told the guest, sure Trini Indians may loudly announce they are Indo Trinidadians here and vote for the UNC but let them migrate to the US or Canada and watch how quickly they run out and buy an “I am a Trini” t-shirt.

Other than that I chatted with Binky today who is always supportive and is like a mini-me, saw Omar briefly, was invited for drinks by Alvie ( I was too tired after the meeting) and did the usual check-ins with Robin and Peter. Whatever the ups and downs of my days some things are as predictable as sunrise and sunset. 100_4427.jpg


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