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February 3, 2008

The pressure cooker explodes

Noise, noise and more noise would be an accurate description of work today. There were speaker boxes every few feet on Tragarete and the constant thumping came right through our building. All day I had that familiar Carnival Sunday feeling that something awful was impending…that feeling of being in a house during the blitz and hearing the whistle of falling bombs not knowing if they are falling towards you.

As I write this Dimanche Gras is underway and then the traffic lights will be off and anything goes. Work tomorrow will consist of trying to get there in the first place with all of Port of Spain’s streets under lockdown and then enduring non-stop wall rattling noise until I try and weave my way back home. I am hoping we have enough to create a well rounded newscast but if tradition continues there should be a multitude of stabbings and woundings to report.

I was ecstatically happy to come home to lovely quiet Cascade this evening after reading the news. It felt strange at first and I was wondering what was different until I realized it was the lack of noise. Alvin and Binky partied every night this weekend and today they went to the TASA fete and have now returned home to rest for a few hours and then heading out to J’ouvert and then hours of non stop revelry. God help them…I would be dead…or want to be. Omar has just plain disappeared which is probably best for the sanity of all involved.

Off to sleep now…my headache begins anew tomorrow. McFarlane - Wings of Hope section