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February 19, 2008

Bartica update.

Not much to report today as there is something of an information blackout. I was not in the office today owing to a stomach problem and had no power for 5 hrs ( lest i start to think we are a developed country T&TEC brings me back to earth).  Checking with the newsroom the latest we have is that Bartica and surroundings are under something of a military/police lockdown. There is apparently some searching going on in the surrounding area but given most accounts indicate the killers fled by boat this seems more a precautionary measure. Our crew is en route to Guyana and will attempt to get as much information as they can in conjunction with Kaieteur News. Any further information from our ieNews crew in Guyana will be relayed here. If any blog readers have interesting ideas for story angles feel free to let me know and I will consider them and relay them to our crew.