Guyana Update 24/02/08

Guyana police have released pictures of 6 of the men wanted in connection with the Bartica and Lusignan massacres. An ieNews television report has been posted on my other site. Click here to see the video ( requires Quicktime)…Guyana news Sunday 


2 Comments to “Guyana Update 24/02/08”

  1. Hi.

    My name is Pieter Van Maele. I’m a Belgian journalist living both in Belgium and in Suriname. I posted an article on my blog ( about the criminal chaos in Guyana. (Unfortunately for you, it’s written in Dutch.) I just wanted to thank you for the helpful information. I’ve put a link to your blog on mine 😉



  2. Today, the newspapers in Suriname reported that the police of Suriname has located Rondell Rawlins in Suriname and that they are about to capture him. It has been denied by the official spokesman, but the story has been confirmed by various “anonymous but very reliable sources”… (but, yet again, written in Dutch…)

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