I sing the body electric

It is somewhat amazing that despite the wealth of human experience available to us the process of aging seems to take most of us by surprise.One day you are sort of comfortable with your body and everything is working as it should and the next you try and get up from sitting and your knees sound like an Iraqi sniper attack.The other troubling development most of us are forced to confront is the transition of our stomachs from a happy place to bounce pennies on or to scrub your socks while lying in the tub to something that threatens to obstruct your view of your lower digits. Age brings many benefits such as wisdom, the ability to look down on younger people and lower car insurance premiums but with the good we must also take the bad.

I have managed by sheer willpower and a keen eye on my budget to avoid many of the pitfalls of getting older. I am still driving a Mondeo and have not hocked my organs to purchase a vintage Jaguar E Type both of which i think are highly commendable on my part. I would like to say I have not dated people many years younger but we will just leave that one alone for the time being.

What I have been attempting to do is to reduce the battle of the small bulge I have been noticing. Sure, I am basically slim but that just means any little bit shows. Thus far I am pleased to say my results at the gym coupled with a low calorie diet and zero alcoholic beverages has been quite successful in only 3 weeks ( less really). So as far as I see it the trick is do everything that you hate and give up everything that you enjoy and you can look much better. Mind you it sort of removes the point of life and worst of all it means you will probably live longer to suffer with the deprivation. So let’s summarize. Taking all of the fun out of life means you will have many more years to regret not having any fun and enjoying life means you will die wishing you had more time to do whatever it was you were doing.

God I would kill for a triple martini and a baked potato with a half pound of butter.




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