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March 14, 2008

Noblesse oblige

picture-6.pngThis blog entry is being used to fulfil an online course requirement I am doing. What you are seeing is an exercise in which we are required to register for a blog and upload an entry ( no problem there) and to get an RSS reader and register a few news feeds. Obviously, based on the picture I have attached I have more than a few news feeds. I have been assured, however, that I need only explain my choice of a few of them. I choose to use Apple’s  Safari web browser as my RSS reader because it is handily in my browser anyhow and provides an elegant interface to the whole RSS feed scenario. My bookmarks bar shows a handy number next to the RSS sites I place there so I can tell how many new articles are available. The picture I have posted is of the RSS sites contained in a folder on my bookmarks bar I call  “News” which holds the considerable overflow of sites that I could not possibly accommodate individually on the main bar. The reason I love Safari is really the elegance with which it displays the RSS feed i choose. This is what a click on an RSS feed looks like in Safari: picture-7.png   As you can see the interface is pure Apple and blows my former reader NetNewsWire out of the water for simplicity. As to my choice of feeds there are so many and so many reasons for choosing them. I suppose the BBC, the NYT and the Washington Post are there to give me as balanced a news viewpoint as possible  from the mainstream media. Admittedly, the NYT and the Post might be seen as the liberal establishment but i am happy enough with that for international news.  I have been a Mac aficionado since i bought my first Mac SE so i always want to keep up on the latest news from the Apple front which explains the goodly number of Maccentric feeds i have in my list. To get a sense of what the tech community both home and abroad are thinking I am completely addicted to Ars Technica and Wired. Finally, to see what views local bloggers are sharing I make a point of reading Jeremy Taylor’s blog whenever he updates it, KnowProse and Caribbean Free Radio provide me with useful links to what is happening in the region and the wider blogosphere. It is not the perfect list for everyone but it keeps me occupied for a couple of hours each day.Me a news addict? Nah!