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March 25, 2008

Viewers, we have a problem.

It is a bit late right now and I am only posting because a couple of readers have expressed concern as to my absence from the blogosphere. I can report that I am indeed alive if not actually kicking ( far too unseemly at my stage of life). This being the Easter weekend up until a couple of hours ago I was quite happy to know that I had Friday and Monday off to plan various outings with my friends. As I mentioned my muscle pain from the gym conspired to prevent me from actually moving too much on Friday or even Saturday but I figured after working Sunday I would have Monday to play with. It was not to be as me having a predictable two days off with more than 24hrs notice was far too much to expect. On Saturday night as I enjoyed a few Wii moments the call came from the other manager that one of their ,apparently frequent, family emergencies had popped up and would I be able to work on Monday and Tuesday. I mentioned that I had certain things planned ( which I did) but if it was really necessary I could change them. That was enough for a “thanks!” and I was left contemplating a job switch. Was I happy? Not at all but I steeled myself for the inevitable.

Sunday was fine, as usual, and might even be considered close to perfect as even my addled brain was able to assemble and read the newscast with not a hitch. Monday arrived and I grumbled my way to work to put together the newscast thanking the stars above that we only had one on a public holiday and I could leave by 7pm. The news script was ready and in studio by 6pm…I went to the control room at 6:25 waiting for the news to start and….it didn’t. Some technical glitch occurred that , despite all efforts by Rodney could not be resolved in time. After a jury-rig by Rodney we got our backup system online and a quick call to the CEO determined that we would carry the news at 7:30 meaning that I had to hang around till 8pm. As it turns out I had a social engagement planned for 7pm but that flew out the window. If there are any benefits to altruism I am yet to find them.

I might have blogged about the Easter weekend had I the slightest interest in the whole point of the holiday. I have already made my views on the whole bible thing quite clear but to reiterate; it makes no sense to me. Thankfully, this view has spared all and sundry any entries I might have made full of cherry pink optimism and optimistic talk of rebirth and renewal. I fear the human condition altered not one whit 2000 years ago. It has, and always shall be, the same. The only difference it made is to the greeting card industry and National Geographic Channel re-constructionists.

That being said, quite by coincidence, an improvement in my social life has left me a wee bit reborn but only with a maximum of 24hrs notice it seems.