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April 8, 2008

Jahajin Arrives


After much gnashing on teeth across several oceans the hard copies of Peggy’s book were finally located by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and I now have them at home with me. I think the story is magical and layered but there was something in me that longed to actually hold the word in my hand. Funny how a digitally inclined  person like me can still feel the need for actual paper. This is not the first time this urge has happened to me and I cannot count the number of times I have clicked on that Amazon “one click” button to get a copy of a book that I have lost somewhere in the lending labyrinth. Even stranger. just as is the case with Peggy’s book, I sometimes have a digital copy of a book and have the need to possess a physical copy. My most recent obsession in that regard was a book of poems by Mallarme that i felt i could not live properly without having it on my shelf. human nature is a strange thing and I truly apologize to Al Gore for causing another tree assassination.


In any case now that i have my physical copy of Jahajin ( and a number of other copies I have to distribute) I think I may well sit down and reread it with my feet propped up on the couch. Say what you will about digital editions but propping a laptop or even..God help them..a not the same thing as flipping a page or holding a book against your chest as you ponder the words just read.


Off to bed now as I have a marathon day of interviews tomorrow including a Minister, an activist and an actor. Let’s hope i don’t get the questions or the approaches mixed up.