( published on other blog – Apr. 22, 2008 )

I have used the time since the last blog post to enjoy the luxury of thinking. Things have not been bad at all, in fact, work and otherwise, my life has been rather good. Despite some family troubles that seems to be sorting itself out in ( or because) of my absence I have had the chance to catch up on a bit of culture, revel in music and even read a bit. As is usually the case the reflection has been productive.


I have known some turbulence in my life both inner and outer and it is good to be at a place where I can calmly look at myself and the world without worrying about the sky falling. I refuse to let myself fall into too much of a rut no matter how comfortable it is so that has concerned me of late. Frequently, at such crossroads in our lives we find ourselves presented with opportunities – or perhaps we notice opportunities that were always lurking just outside our sight. I find myself now noticing such possibilities for improvement or , at the very least, a slight change of course. Now I find myself wrestling with the usual demons of doubt that always urge me to stay the safer course and who I have a great habit of ignoring. The great thing about being of sound health, unattached and with a searching mind is that I am free to change direction like a rogue ship. Once the direction is changed it is just a matter of fighting the swells and avoiding any icebergs. The joy of life for me has always been the voyage rather than the destination.


With that said I am not sure where HMS Vern will head in the near future but knowing myself to some degree I am sure the trip will keep me alert and interested. To paraphrase my beloved Oscar Wilde…only the shallow truly know themselves.



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