In the mouth of madness



It was the best of times, it was the worst of time. Now that I have that out of my system I can proceed with the rest of this entry. I am typing this on my newest Mac…now known as Sybil because she has more than one processor. Funny how the thrill of typing on iWeb on a different keyboard and screen and overlooked by the gimlet eye of Ophelia the iMac can give me such a thrill. I feel like I am cheating but the excitement is undeniable and the repercussions will undoubtedly be far less messy than if she were an actual person.


Today I had Conrad Enill, Minister of Energy and Energy Industries on the programme. He is also Leader of Government Business in the Senate and so i was able to ask him questions about the recent decision to stop televising the hearings of the JSCs live. He says the broadcasts were in violation of the standing orders but swears the government has no problem with the concept of airing them and is looking at changing the legislation. I am not sure if I believe that line but he said it earnestly so who am I to doubt…just a mere taxpaying citizen. He also discussed the situation with development in the country and for our energy security in the future all of which was most interesting. He is one of the few Ministers that I could happily enjoy talking to for hours off the air as he is conversant with a number of things relevant to the energy and financial sectors. I actually told him I find him far more straightforward than most politicians and any Minister…best to be honest ahead of time.


I also discussed a few documentaries I plan to do with Tony who was most accommodating and eager to get them off the ground. I love news but sometimes creativity is best served by adding some other challenges. My first attempt will be to look at the Lapeyrouse Cemetery in the heart of Port of Spain which I think provides a tremendous insight into the history of Trinidad & Tobago.


As much as I am concerned about the perils of climate change and saving the planet I have noticed that , while not exactly an energy pig, I am hardly a good example of living a life of carbon neutrality. Generally speaking I am not really neutral on anything ( except possibly a fondness for ecru) but I have come to realize  I have something of a Sasquatch footprint when it comes to carbon. Despite living alone my fondness for electric appliances, air conditioning and several power hungry Macs means my average power bill is about double that of an average family. My Mondeo, god bless her, is a good size and comfy but at 5 km to the litre she is not exactly sipping gasoline as I realize when I pump 25 litres to fill a quarter tank every week or so. The latter situation is destined to get worse as I have decided I will indulge a childhood dream by planning to import a 1973 Lincoln Continental Mark IV into the country within a year. the 22 foot long beast ( pictured at the top of this entry), weighs 6,000lbs and ( apparently) gets 5.5 mpg or about 1.5 km per litre. Still, the thought of this car makes my heart skip a beat and I am not going to live forever so why not own the road-yacht of my dreams? I know such slaps to the face of Mother Nature will hardly be counteracted by my feeble attempts to turn off lights I am not using and recycling plastic bags but then, as Ralph Waldo Emerson said, a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.


Off to sleep to dream of 7.5L V8s.


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