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June 29, 2008

In the wilderness



Once again I find that a week has elapsed since my last entry and I find myself typing more out of guilt than any desire to impart sparkling insights into various aspects of life. Actually, truth be told I have no idea what the heck I am going to write about so you and I are in the same boat when it comes to guessing what comes next. 


I will confess that I have been in another depression trough for the past few days but on the bright side I am truly touched and impressed by the level of support I have been getting from not just friends but my work colleagues. Sometimes just knowing people are there for you in whatever way they can is a major help. I will, I am sure, pull out of this shortly, but now I see what great people surround me.


To cut a boring entry short. I am now looking forward to seeing WALL-E. There are few companies that hone perfection to a fine edge. Apple Inc, Hermes, Brooks Brothers and Pixar are on my list. Interesting that both Pixar and Apple were founded by the brilliant tyrant Steve Jobs. Pixar has never really had a miss in the movie area even with Cars that I didn’t adore but appreciated for its cleverness. The Incredibles was a brilliant film as was my favourite of their offerings – Ratatouille. It takes a lot for an animated movie about a rat to make me cry every single time I see it. There is something about Pixar films that takes them into a realm beyond normal moviemaking. The great scripts, the attention to every little detail, the artfully crafted pop-culture references and the recognition that the human condition is paramount seem to be the main ingredients in the Pixar recipe. 

So I am looking forward to seeing WALL-E. I have seldom seen a film hailed by so many critics as a masterpiece especially when the first 30 minutes has no human dialogue. Last time I checked had WALL-E at a 96% positive rating and it managed to beat the new action film Wanted handily at the box office.In Ratatouille I forgot I was watching an animated film and gave myself up to the story I am hoping WALL-E is the same experience. Knowing Pixar I am pretty sure it will be. 


In a world of mediocrity it is good to know there is still some excellence in the world and how strange that a company like Pixar can make films that feature characters like Remy who have more feeling than most human actors. Well done.